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BENNCHE Bighorn 700 Review

BENNCHE Bighorn 700 Review

BENNCHE Bighorn 700 Review

I know the name of BENNCHE Bighorn 700 may have you confused about the fact that either it will fulfill your expectations or not. So, today I’m here with a BENNCHE Bighorn 700 review to clear up all confusions you may have. I will completely guide you through this vehicle’s specifications and features.

For sure, you might be familiar with the names of various car models such as Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, and Polaris, among many others. The BENCCHE Bighorn is not like them. Although this brand has a similar design and structure to Yamaha and Polaris, it is distinct in its architecture and character traits.

So, if you’ve never heard of BENNCHE Bighorn 700, you’ll be familiar with it after reading this.


  • UTV style and ATV equipped
  • Liquid cooler along with single cylinder
  • 4-Stroke Engine
  • Continuously variable transmitter
  • Selectable 4X2/4X4 driveline


  • Singled cylinder engine type
  • 686/41.9 displacement
  • Dual hydraulic disk
  • Standard halogen headlights
  • Selectable driveline type


BENCCHE Bighorn 700

Since it is built with worthy functions, BENNCHE Bighorn is the option of very intelligent and value-based people. The 700X comes with a windshield, headlights, horn, and flashers if you live in a state where a UTV can be converted to a road vehicle.

You can choose between a diesel engine and a petrol engine, depending on your requirements. When you ask about whether it operates manually or automatically, you will be given choices. So, it is all in your hands, wherever you want to be. Moreover, to load heavy machinery, this car is also beneficent.


Let’s come to the design of this BENNCHE Bighorn 700 that is very appealing and attractive. This vehicle is designed with a UTV-style excavator along with a 686cc system of fluid cooling singular-cylinder. And this makes the car very amazing and less time-consuming car to work.

  • Also, it has the SOHC 4-Stroke motor and consistency constant control feature. To select according to your preferences, it has the 4X2 or 4X4 driveshaft that can be selected.
  • The Separate Double A-Arm Front Suspensions on the Bighorn 700 has a travel of -70005- inches. On the other hand, the Separate Double A-Arm Rear Support has a movement of -70105- inches.

Front and reverse mechanical brake pads are standard on the Bighorn 700. Many vehicles have the issue of brakes that start working inaccurately after a short duration. So, many people claimed that they want to change the car or vehicle. But this one has solved all these issues of construction and building.


There are so many accessories along with this BENNCHE Bighorn to provide you additional ease while using it. Some of the accessories, I am going to explain below. So, be with me and get all information about it!

Axels, UTV covers, drink holders, cans, grab handles, hitches, and UTV Jacks are the additional accessories of this vehicle. Also, you will get a quality of lighting, mirrors, power steering kits, seat belts, and harness, seating, storage and racks, windshield wipers. All of these accessories are essential for you, so must consider them as well.

Axels are made with very heavy-duty material to provide you the excellent performance. Also, they have come up with a replacement option. The drink holder accessory is also very significantly made and provides the car with a very elegant look. You can easily put your drink in it and enjoy it during a drive.

UTV Hitches and Lighting

The brackets are laser-cut and designed for precise measurements. You will have a precise and personalized fitting for your UTV by using cutting-edge computerized equipment. These mounts don’t need any drilling, cutting, or modifications to your UTV.

They are even made to take advantage of the power of your UTV’s foundation. Also, you will get multiple options while selecting the hitches.

When talking about the lighting, you will also get the benefit in this matter. The lighting should be of very high quality to make the look of the car very inspiring and elegant. You will have the options of DB high power lighting, DB Lux light, SEIZMIK lights, Sirius LED light, and Curtis light. Cab Heaters

Cool your vehicle with your air conditioning system! The newer and better Ice Crusher Portable UTV Heaters are built by the same people who produced the Frenzy UTV Car Heaters.

Two 360-degree customizable front louvers on this Ice Shredder Under Dash Portable Heater package direct heat where it’s required. The device has a three-speed fan, and the heat exchanger is recently renovated on the 14,600 BTU* heater modules.

The heater is mounted under the dashboard, leaving plenty of space for your feet. The designed CNC-built aluminum Y adapters are included in the kit and attach directly to the engine’s catalytic converter.

Modules, mounting brackets, gaskets, modified CNC-designed Y fittings, built-in shut-off valve, fasteners, screws, hardware, hole saw, directions, and more are included in this kit.

Sound System

Do you have the feeling that something is lacking from your BENNCHE Bighorn 700 next to each other UTV? If yes then you are right! You will get one of the amazing sound systems with personalized speaker modules along with BENNCHE’s latest model.

A soundtrack for your off-road trip via the woodland can be created by adding headphones to your BENNCHE UTV. The outdoor pod broadcasts music in all ranges, ensuring that anyone in the vicinity of your BENNCHE UTV can hear it.

The aerial pod broadcasts music in all ranges, guaranteeing that anyone in the proximity of your Bennche UTV can recognize it. So, go and purchase one right now.

Turn Signal Kit

Among all the accessories, the turn signal kit contains whips, mirrors, a power kit, and hand controls. Super-ATV’s universal plug & play lane conversion kit can have your favorite ATV or UTV prepared for some trail running. This package is designed to be as comprehensive as possible, allowing you to bring almost any ATV or UTV one lot better to being street legitimate.

It is rendered as simple as possible to build by color-coding the rear subframe and pre-assembling as much as necessary. The wiring is easy enough that it can be installed by anyone with any level of ability!

It truly plugs and plays, from the headlights to the front indications to the dash array! A lightweight 105 dB horn is also included in this package to keep you safe on the lane.

In particular, the regular box contains an LED dash sensor indicator, while the luxury kit contains an indicator light on the steering wheel track. Thus, you will also notice when your transmitter is on this way. It is a full turn signal package that’s road-worthy!

In other words, with Super-ATV’s Standard Plug & Play Turn Signal System, you can ride from the fields to the trail to the street.

Wheel Spacers and Winches

For the best range of NENNCHE Wheel Spacers, you have arrived at the right spot. You will get the strongest Wheel Spacers in advance to make sure you’re riding unforgettable. You will get the best items at the best prices, but you do not like to pay big bucks for them.

It will help you to get exactly what you want at the reasonable possible price. The quality of wheel spacers you will get will be very outclassed quality. It has the material used that is fully reliable and durable. So, you will never disappoint.

They attach directly to the ATV’s frame and don’t need any slicing or folding. The addition of a roof rack and a loading kit allocates the strength of the dragging load across the ATV’s framework. It will offer additional strength and lower the incidence of damage.

Power System

When your vehicle is worthy of so much more, you don’t have to compromise for a boring trip. With Bennche motor output bits, all it requires is a little update now and then!

With systems integration and innovative production methods, you get the ease of mind reliability from manufacturers. Thus, you can believe with the Bennche parts and accessories. From UTV motor shaft to premade parts, this will get you covered.

You should be confident that you will get a performance boost and a great adventure performance with everything from UTV main bearings to aftermarket intense clutch sets. When your system is meant for excellence, don’t compromise for less; get your improvement on and ascend your trip!

Steering System

Are you prepared to take your UTV adventure to the next stage? Take a look at the range of Bennche power-train and driving components. Since your buggy’s steering system is its foundation, it needs high-quality inverter parts and components that are designed to withstand combat.

When you replace your OEM part with an inverter Bennche drive belt to improve power conversion, the contrast is astounding! You will have SxS brace kits and power steering packages in addition to UTV drive belts!

Moreover, if you are hauling or mud bogging, you work hard and needed a proper trip. Thus, you can contact the services to get all other stuff.

Brake, Color and Suspension

It’s time to talk about the BENNCHE Bighorn’s brakes and suspension. Professional drivers and automobile enthusiasts should be aware of the importance of car braking. The lack of breaks causes the majority of injuries, so they should be of superior quality.

As a result, this vehicle has dual ventilated and insulated hydraulic disc brakes. This car’s design is ideal for navigating directions quickly and easily. On the other hand, the rear brakes must be considered as well. Double ventilated hydraulic discs are also used in the rear brakes.

The stabilization must work correctly to keep the car from hitting the ground and the tires in contact with the surface. Suspension is divided into two types: rear suspension and front suspension. Both the rear and front suspensions have the same purposes.

The front and rear suspension of the BENNCHE Bighorn, in addition to the separate double wishbone, play an important role. This car’s quality would compel you to buy it, just as I am inspired by it.

Many people are more cognizant of their vehicle’s appearance and color quality. This BENNCHE Bighorn is ideal in this regard. Black, blue, dark green, and vista camouflage are among the colors available. Because of the variety of colors available, it is a sustainable choice when shopping for a car. Is it not so cool? I think it is! So, go today and grab it now!


It goes without saying that when you go to the market, you must think about the item’s measurements. It is not only the quality, performance, and features that are necessary but the measurements are also. So, in intended to facilitate you in finding the right one, I will provide you with the dimensions of this vehicle.

This vehicle’s total length is 155.5 inches, making it the best choice of all others. It is also consistent when it comes to the width and height that you are aware of, as they play an important role in the car selection process. Thus, the width of this car is 52.3 in. and height is 74.8 inch.

Seat height is also essential in ensuring your optimum comfort and relaxation. Without a doubt, the driving seat is the most important part of the car for making the ride comfortable and enjoyable. As a result, it must be sufficiently adaptable, with a seat height of 31.1 inches. It is another benefit of this engine.

Let’s look at some of the other features, such as wheels, front tires, and back tire, wheel-base, dry weight, and rear tire. Along with the ground clearance of 11 inches, this car is very spacious.

The measurement of the front tire is 25×8-12 and the rear tire is 25×10-12 that is the ideal dimension. The wheelbase length is 113 inch having a dry weight of 1540 lbs. This weight can vary according to the different manufacturers. So, you can make your choice here as well.

While pulling a trailer, a car should be enough flexible along with appropriate capacity. This BENNCHE Bighorn has a towing capacity of 220-Ibs that you can say is enough for you. While the bed capacity is 330-Ibs to deliver maximum convenience.


This amazing car has a very valuable engine that can perform according to your requirements. It has the fuel-injected, singular-cylinder 686cc along with enough capacity. Thus, it doesn’t have a lot of capacity, but it’s enough for pushing goods and resources around the worksite.

While shooting, researching, or exploring, this vehicle can help you to carry all your necessary equipment. Given the numerous constraints on load power, I believe it might profit from some pinch adjustments.

The BENNCHE Bighorn 700 is available with one gasoline engine and one electric motor. The diesel engine has a displacement of 1498 cc, while the petrol engine has a displacement of 1497 cc.

Here I will tell you another very inspiring feature of this engine. The 2011 BENNCHE Bighorn 700 ATV is 1.15 percent lighter than other UTV versions, weighing 1155 pounds. This is the reason I love the most this car. You will not find any problem while driving it for long.

The BENNCHE Bighorn 700 ATV’s single-cylinder motor has a capacity of 686 cc, which is 27.09 percent more than the market. This capacity is higher than its competitors as well, so you can easily go for this item without worrying about other factors.


The vehicle has enough capability to carry a total weight of 1500 pounds without any problem. It can carry people and all their gears along with a weight capacity of 1500 pounds and more. In this way, this car can carry you and all your luggage to the final destination.

With a body base of over 1500 pounds, three big people, and all of the gear, the 700X was far from a bullet.

It comes with both a manual and automatic operation. It has a highway range of 15.4 to 21.9 km, dependent on the configuration and fuel level. The BRV has a duration of 4453mm, a width of 1735mm, and a rear-wheel of 2662mm, making it a 5-seater.

It can dive into waist-deep muddy with the 700X during Mud Nationals. Also, it has passed the test on a few paths that needed 4×4 and it seems to fly through. It was reassured to know that it came equipped with a 3,500-pound winch in case you got tangled.

The plastic molded rooftop will provide a huge help in keeping the heat at work even when it is 90 degrees outside. I have discovered that the full canopy is not suitable for the hazardous places at Mud Stream Off-Road Area, so you can it to keep the dirt out of the vehicle.

The 700X Crew is a fantastic deal at $9,250 MSRP. I will love to see Bennche’s 800cc v-twin power source as an alternative for the 700X. This engine, which can also be used in Tower 800, has around 20 more power and a lot of leverage. Bennche could reach a wider marketplace with a universal system and a v-twin variant.


When it comes to the price of this vehicle then you might see it is a bit expensive than its competitors. Although this car has an excellent performing engine, load capacity, and performance if you are budget conscious, you will get it a little expensive.

Apart from that, let me make it clear that if you prefer any other car to this one, you will find them to be a little lower in quality. So, if you’re looking for a high-quality car, this is the best overall choice.

As you know, to get the excellence in the performance you will have to pay a little more. Thus, BENNCHE Bighorn 700 ATV has a standard rate of $8499. This costs $254.91 more than the alternative. In this direction, you will get the efficiency and reliability more than its previous models.

In general, you will have a good time with the Bighorn 700X Crew when you test it. It could have used some work in the off-road stabilization and power divisions, but overall, I think it’s a good multi-purpose vehicle that can be used on or off-road.

BENCCHE Bighorn 700 Conclusion

Overall, BENNCHE Bighorn has an attractive as well as fascinating design that can attract any person who knows its worth. So, not only go for budget but also look at the characteristics that this car is offering.

However, up careful analysis reveals a brand that is special in its context, indicating that BENNCHE, located in Carrollton, TX, is attempting to launch a product that can function on its own two feet.

BENNCHE is not only located in Texas, but their items are also measuring achievement and tested in their new Texas facility, which could alleviate some of their concerns. The Bighorn 700 is a 2010 model that has been modified for 2011.

In this way, the latest edition has so many other characteristics that are far different from the previous one. You will not only be inspired by the functions but also a 12-month limited included warranty will inspire. So, without any second thought, go and get it!

Likewise, after a few months of use, you can replace or repair it if any technical problem occurred. You will get complete satisfaction to get complete confidence in it. So, what you think about it? I am fully in love with it!


  • Very excellent construction quality
  • Fully assembled and inspected
  • Very amazing look and layout
  • Single-cylinder engine type
  • Plastic molded roof
  • Fuel-injected vehicle


  • Higher in price


Everything I have discussed in this article is about the BENNCHE Bighorn 700 review. Anyone who wants to know more about this vehicle will undoubtedly find this article to be both interesting and informative.

This car model is very high-end, with very heavy machinery and high-quality construction. It is made of very elegant materials and has an appealing appearance to attract customers. Thus, it is highly appreciated by all customers according to the review.

So, if you enjoyed this article after reading it, kindly provide me with your valuable feedback.