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John Deere X370 Lawn Mower Tractor Review

John Deere X370 Lawn Mower Tractor Review

John Deere X370 Lawn Mower Tractor Review

Are you looking for a convenient way to do everything in your garden? Then pick up the John Deere X370 mower tractor without any second thought as it has the power of easily getting things done. This is our John Deere X370 Lawn Mower Tractor Review.

This lawnmower is the part of Select series range and has a functional design with modern styling for giving better performance. Moreover, it is equipped with the Twin Touch Hydrostatic pedals that will provide you great feasibility for controlling the speed and direction of the tractor.

Its engine features an electronic spark ignition system and the motor of X370 is equipped with a high-performance lubrication system. Below, I have provided a complete review of this tractor with a special focus on its lift capacity, hp, RPM, and gearbox details.

X370 Specifications

  • Powered with the 21.5hp iTorque Power System
  • 42-in Accel Deep mower deck
  • Automatic style power steering
  • 18-in. cut and sewn seat
  • Easy mulching with optional MulchControl kit

X370 Features

  • Smooth running engine
  • Reliable V-twin air-cooled design
  • 5-L Fuel Tank capacity
  • 4 year/3hour bumper to bumper warranty
  • Easy adjustment with onboard deck-leveling system


John Deere is a well-known company and it was founded in 1837. Its main headquarter is in Moline, Illinois and it supplies automobiles, forestry, commercial & consumer equipment, and agricultural construction goods throughout the world.

The logo of this company is a leaping dear and the main slogan of the company is “Nothing runs like a Deere”. The famous tractor series of this company includes Super heavy-duty tractors, JDLink, specialty tractors, E series, and D series.


Speaking about the John Deere X370, it features a John Deere iTorque power system and is equipped with a high-quality engine. The most prominent feature of this mower is that its engine runs smoothly and doesn’t stop in between like other cheap quality machines.

To provide sufficient lugging ability, durability, and cooling, its engine has an exclusive hood design. Other than that, it has a large 603-cc displacement and V-twin air-cooled design which provide it quiet and smooth power.

You can start this engine smoothly and easily because it has excellent power and wonderful performance. Besides, the problem with most other mowers is that they don’t give any indication when their battery is fully charged.

Hence, customers often have a lot of trouble because their tractor stops working because of the charging issues. This is not the case with X370 as it is equipped with a flywheel alternator that indicates when the battery is fully charged. It has a fast-charging ability and provides sufficient power to other electrical parts like sprayers and headlights.

It has full-pressure lubrication therefore, its components do not create friction in movements by colliding with each other. Furthermore, it has a V-twin design, replaceable oil filter and dual-stage air cleaner hence works great even in unfavorable conditions.

Fuel Tank Capacity

On the bright side, its fuel tank has a greater capacity as compared to its competitors. For more hours of operation in between refills, its fuel tank has the capacity of 3.3-U.S. gal. Also, you won’t have any trouble in adding the fuel into this tractor as it features a unique fuel tank filler opening with a large diameter (3-in.).

Because of its large fuel tank capacity, you will not have to worry about running out of fuel during work. Other than that, for minimizing the number of stops for fuel, it contains an efficient fuel gauge.

Its fuel tank is positioned on the left fender and it is greatly useful for eliminating the spillage. The thing which I greatly loved about this mower is that with this wonderful machine, you don’t need to be tensed about the serviceability. The John Deere X370 comes with a one-piece hood that you can open conveniently without any issue for checking and service of the tractor.

On its dash display, this mower contains an electronic fuel gauge that will allow you to check out the amount of fuel available in the tank. So, you can always keep an eye on how many fuels are left in your tank and can easily refill it whenever needed.

Also, all of the other important service points are placed wisely hence, you can easily reach out to them for service. For providing information about regular maintenance, it contains a service-interval decal on the inner side of the hood of the tractor. Its fill tube, oil drain tube, oil filters, and engine fuel can be seen under the hood for convenient serviceability.

Gearbox Details

On both sides of the operator platform and above the mower level, there are exact adjusting leveling ports. Hence, you can easily reach out to them and it will provide you great feasibility for managing and maintaining the cut quality.

The key feature that makes it distinguished from all of the other products available in the market is its color-coded controls. Because of these, you can easily drive the John Deere X370 even on hills and tough terrains.

Adding to this, you can conveniently place your fingers below its power take-off switch for pulling it up whenever needed. For simple use, its park brake latch and hydraulic life control are equipped with pivot levers. Because of its flawless design and excellent performance this tractor made its place in the best lawn mower of 2021.

It has an automotive-style button for the activation of cruise control and it makes it easy to use even for beginners. For flawless and easy maneuverability during driving the mower, the John Deere X370 comes with a power steering.

Also, this tractor features an easy-to-attach lower chute but this is not available in the pack and you have to order it separately if needed. There are also some other accessories available like the convenient spring latch, sealed hopper, quick-tach mounting, and loose-knit bags.

X370 Lift Capacity

Talking about its lift capacity, it is great as it has a hydraulic lift and power steering for easily operating this machine. Its Mulch control system becomes greatly useful for the operators when he/she wants to collect the clippings along with moving further.

Moreover, it’s specially crafted for those operators who are in the favor of closing chute for controlling clippings in some of the areas. In short, its MulchControl provides full control to the operator and provides the luxury of mulching in the main lawn along with often side discharging their secondary lawns.

One of the most useful features of this mower is that you can switch between its various modes without interrupting the mulching process. Needless to say that this will make it highly easy to switch between the different modes while focusing on the process of mulching.

However, its MulchControl system has a few limitations and you need to keep these in mind for the flawless working of the mower. For instance, it is not useful when you are cutting Zoysia and Bermuda grasses so, for these varieties use any other mower.

Also, the efficiency of its MulchControl system is reduced when you operate this machine in high and wet growth grasses like those which are found in  Pacific Northwest United States. Another notable feature is that you need to remove its MulchControl baffle before installing the chute of the bagger.

Hydraulic system

The John Deere X370 ride contains a hydraulic cylinder and features hydraulic power steering. This not only reduces the operator’s fatigue and enhances productivity but also delivers effortless and automotive control.

Adding to this, it has a tight turning radius that provides great maneuverability. Also, it provides optimum comfort to the operator with its adjustable-tilt steering wheel. For precise and easy fingertip control of equipment, its hydraulic lift lever is placed on the dash and near the steering wheel.

Because of its option MulchControl system, you can easily switch between its different modes including side discharge and collection of lawn material. Hence, you can easily beautify the looks of your lawn by cutting the extra and large grass.

Also, it does not throw the clippings on the flower beads, operator, or driveways and reduces the need for fertilizers hence, economical. The John Deere X370 is powered by the Mulch control system that is an innovative and versatile feature that makes it easy to use.

For controlling the flow of material on the lower side of the deck, it contains an easy-to-adjust MulchControl baffle near the discharge chute. On the top side of the mower, you will see an electric one-touch actuator that helps in opening and closing the MulchControl baffle. Also, this baffle is close so the material will stay inside it and will be deposited in the turf.

X370 engine HP

The horsepower (hp) of this tractor is 18.5 and it contains high lift bagging blades along with a bagger chute. Therefore, it gives better performance as compared to all of the other designs and works great even during side discharging material.

The mulching blade of the John Deere X370 is incorporated with the optional MulchControl system. Hence you have the liberty of using these blades for multiple purposes including bagging, mulching, and side discharging in various conditions.

You can install a Power Flow blower for opening and closing the MulchControl baffle while you are using it with a 54A or 48A mowing deck. Other than that, its MulchControl system comes with all the things that are required for installation so what else you can demand? Like it contains an actuator, electric one-touch attachments, switches, baffles, mulch blades, and a handle.

Therefore, you won’t need to buy any of these instruments separately hence it’s economical. Note that, it is advised to remove the Rear MulchControl baffle for the optimal performance of this machine during bagging. Also, its mower deck is designed with great intelligence so, it provides high versatility and convenience for changing one mower discharge mode to another.

You can use the cut and throw rear bagger in combination with the MulchControl by detaching the rear MulchControl baffle before installing the bagger chute. For keeping the baffle fixed in its place, it contains two carriage blades hence, worth purchasing.

Moreover, if you want to return to mulching then you have to remove the chute before replacing the baffle. For easily cleaning the underside of the deck, it features a wash port and this makes it one of the best John Deere tractors available in the market.

Engine RPM

Speaking of which, it has 3600 RPM (revolution per minute) and is made up of excellent quality material for exceptional durability. It contains strong and highly versatile spindle pockets for keeping the blades align even after a long term of use.

Also, its wheels are double captured that not only gives it a stylish look but also makes them highly durable. As compared to the other models, its wheels last for a longer duration and provide high strength to the tractor.

For easily and quickly adjusting the cutting height, it features a single bolt adjustment hence, you won’t have any issue in setting its height. Besides, to reduce the side load on the engine and for giving it a trouble-free life, the John Deere X370 comes with a low-tension belt-driven design.

Being a lawn owner, you will be well aware of the fact that cheaply designed mowers don’t last for a long time. Also, it is not wise to waste money on buying the low-quality equipment repeated therefore, you need to choose the right product for your lawn.

Keeping this in view, I picked up this lawn tractor which is considered one of the best lawn mowers for the price. To make this machine super durable and to provide it extra strength & protection, it has rolled the outer edge of the deck. The biggest foe of most of the machines is rust but this one has a dual-stage E-coat and powder-paint coating hence, rust-free.


Other than that, this tractor has good mileage and comes with the Kanzaki K57 variable speed hydrostatic transmission. It is also equipped with the power steering, wet disc brake middle independent PTO shaft, and open operator station.

  • The attachments available for this tractor include Mid-mount John Deere 42 Accel deep with a 42-inch deck, manual lift, and 2 blades. It can also be connected with Mid-mount John Deere 42 edge, front mount blade, and front mount snowblower.
  • Besides, this tractor has 72in. length, 43 in. height, and 38.5in. width. It has 491lbs weight excluding the mower deck, has a 1250mm wheelbase, and comes with a 12V battery. For extended the life of the mower, you need to frequently clean its upper and lower side.
  • The John Deere X370 has a flat top design hence, it’s very easy to clean and maintain this machine. This makes it a great option for those people who don’t have much time and effort to invest in the cleaning of their tractor.

There are some places where it catches and collects the material but the upper side of the deck remains clean. Not to mention that this will save your energy and time for cleaning & maintain the deck. For optimal performance and resisting the buildup of material, the underside of the deck is self-cleaning so what else you could ask for?

X370 42-inch Accel Deep Mower

Another great feature of this powerful machine is its 42-in. Accel Deep mower deck. To add more perspective to it, this mower is prepared by using a stamped steel and it has a deep, flat-top design.

That’s why the John Deere X370 is capable of providing amazing cut quality, high versatility, cleanliness, and exceptional durability. Besides, this tractor is very efficient and has the power of cutting the clippings even in tall grasses and at a high mower speed.

It has 12.6cm depth over the entire deck shell for providing optimal bagging, mowing, and mulching performance. Because of its stamped steel design, it doesn’t allow the buildup of material on the corner and sharp edges hence maintain its good mowing performance.

For providing you smooth and leveled cut, its mower deck is suspended from the tractor. Moreover, it is compatible with the 247-L two-bag cut and throws material collection system. So, you can also use it on the X370, X330, X354, and X370 tractors.

It has K46 hydrostatic integrated with transaxle Transmission type and has twin touch pedals for easy control. Also, it contains a designated button on the dashboard for cruise control and is equipped with fins & fans on the transaxle for oil cooling. It also has an internal oil filter however, it doesn’t contain a differential lock system like the other models of John Deere.

Because of its improved design, this mower doesn’t allow the cut material to suspend in the deck and remove those quickly. Hence, there will be no chances of recutting which means that all of the power will be saved for the incoming grass.

Excellent Cut Quality

Taking this into account, it has deep mower-deck stamping which provides excellent cut quality. It efficiently moves out the cut material from the discharge area hence, there will be no interference of cut material with the incoming grass. Not to mention that this also make it easy for the blades to cut the incoming material without any flaw.

The plus point of this mower is that it maintains the evenness of cut even during the mulching mode. That is the reason customers greatly like this machine and prefer it always over the other designs. For accurate and convenient leveling of the mower deck, it has an exact deck-leveling system.

Because of its enhanced depth, it supports even distribution of the clippings, optimal recutting, and continuous circulation. It has high productivity and does the job faster since it has deep mower-deck stamping.

For handling the extra material, the X370 features a wide and high discharge opening. Hence, it evenly and smoothly discharges out the clippings no matter what the speed mowing is. Needless to say, that, it will highly reduce the plugging chance even when you are operating it in the thick, dense, or wet grass.

Its cut and throw chute is wide enough and has an optimized inlet. This will make it possible to collect the material by utilizing the airflow of a large deck opening. Because of its flat-top shape of the deck, it will not through clippings on you during its working hence, keeps you clean.

X370 Price& Warranty

The John Deere X370 comes with the 4 year or 300 hours bumper to bumper warranty so, you can have a hassle-free purchase. Also, John Deere has great customer care service and they will not disappoint you with their services so, highly recommended.

Like all of the other machines of John Deere, the X370 is also the best combination of style and performance. It is loaded with incredible features and will provide you great value in return for your every penny.

Now you must be thinking that the price of this tractor will be very high and out of your reach. But this is not the situation and I will not say that it is the cheapest option available in the market but it is great in terms of performance. So, by keeping in view its wonderful performance I can say that you will not repent spending $4,2999 on this amazing mower.


  • Smooth and quiet working engine
  • Too easy to turn around because of its power steering
  • Keeps itself and operator clean during working
  • Excellent cut quality and highly versatile
  • Built to last with rust-free coating


  • Its RIO is very sensitive

X370 Conclusion

I wrote this article after doing extensive research on the John Deere X370 for providing you the best content and I hope it will be useful for you.

During my research, I find that this tractor has amazing power and is equipped with a variety of features hence, excellent purchase. Its engine works smoothly and it can be used for long years because of its high-quality construction and rust-free coating.

Don’t hesitate to message me if you still have any quires and share this article.