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John Deere

John Deere X570 Lawn Mower Tractor Review

John Deere X570 lawn mower tractor

John Deere X570 lawn mower tractor

The John Deere X570 is the first torch in the premium select series lineup and was introduced in 2016. This tractor has larger tires than an ordinary mower and is combined with the reinforced transmission along with a limited sleep differential. Therefore, it has faster speed and offers more traction hence, worth buying.

Also, it is equipped with a backlit LCD panel and its Accel Deep Mower Deck makes sure to provide superior cut quality even at high speed. On the bright side, it is available with the 48” or 54” deck and is very efficient in running a front blade.

Keep on reading for having an in-depth look at the other features of the John Deere X570 lawn mower tractor!


  • 9 kW engine power
  • Twin touch transaxle control pedals
  • Accel Deep mower deck 48”, optional 54”
  • No-tools oil drain with replaceable filter
  • Foot pedal with adjustable spring assist


  • 24hp torque system
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Prune 1.4 hectares
  • 500-hour bumper to bumper warranty
  • Standard Accel Deep with 122cm, optional 137cm


John Deere is a famous brand that manufactures agricultural, construction material, lawn care equipment, and forestry machinery. It is an American corporation that was ranked 329th in global ranking and 87th in Fortune 500 America’s ranking.

Moreover, this brand provides different financial services as well as various related activities.


The X570 tractor is powered with the John Deere iTorque system that provides superior traction and high durability. It has a cast-iron cylindrical shape, suspended valves, a two-stage air filter, suspended valves, and replaceable oil filters.

Other than that, the sizeable working volume of the engine is 726 cubic meters. It comes in an air-cooled twin V-shape, gives superior performance, smooth, and equipped with a quiet power supply. Thanks to its one-touch mulch control system that it provides excellent mulching performance with greater versatility.

Another great advantage of this tractor is that it contains twin touch pedals for adjusting the speed and direction of travel. Hence, you can change the direction of the mower even without lifting your foot off from the platform and its large pedal surface will provide you maximum comfort.

The cutting height of its blade can be adjusted quickly and easily from 0.25inches to 4-inch increments. Besides, whenever you will lower its cutting deck, it will effortlessly return to its original standard height.

Its storage compartment lies under the seat that contains an integrated level gauge and fine-tuning tools for convenient operation. These tools are used in combination with the fine-tuning connectors for correct alignment of the cutting deck to improve its performance. Other than that, it is compatible with the high-performance power flow system so what else you could ask for?

Engine RPM

The RPM (revolutions per minute) of John Deere is 3600 that is great in this price range. The thing which I loved the most about this mower is that it doesn’t produce much noise while cutting the grasses. Therefore, it will not be wrong to say that the X570 is the best lawn mower for a big yard as it is very efficient in its working.

It also contains replaceable silent blocks on the axle and steering pins which provide it excellent wear resistance. On the bright side, it contains a grease cavity between the bushing for facilitating lubrication alignment and providing maximum lubrication.

The front steering axle of this amazing mower is also strong, durable, and can efficiently handle heavy equipment. It has a 19mm front hub bearing diameter and 0.75inch steering shaft diameter that enhance the life span of bearing surfaces.

Moreover, it has a reinforced frame along with hitch mounting holes that provide strong support to the heavy equipment. Because of its high-performance mounting system, it can efficiently handle heavy rear-mounted devices like collection systems.

Other than having better performance, it also looks modern because of its smooth and rounded contours. It contains a fully closed lid that is crafted by using color material-efficient full length-vents on each side.


For improved speed and good mileage, this tractor has an automatic choke return with separate levers. It is equipped with the standard cruise control for maintaining the tractor’s ground speed during mowing in larger areas. Also, it contains easy-to-use buttons for activating the cruise control function and releasing it with the brake pedal.

Mulch control is an innovative system that is convenient to maintain and simple to use. It comes with a MulchControl baffle that is located near the fixed baffles and helps in controlling the flow of material under the deck.

The MulchControl handle is positioned on the upper side of the mower deck and is used for the opening & closing of the MulchControl baffle. When its baffle is open, it freely discharges the material into the material collecting system and keeps it inside while it is closed.

In the discharge mode, the mulch control MulchControl has the capacity of mulching one-third of the material. It is useful as well as harmful because it reduces the amount of material that is being discharged. So, it is not efficient while cutting strong southern grasses or during wet conditions.

During bagging, you can use its side discharge blades in combination with the Power Flow system. Its mulching blades are attached with the optional mulch control system so, you can use these for bagging and side discharging.

Engine Power

The HP of this amazing machine is 24 (17.9kW) and it moves flawlessly even on tough terrains. The John Deere X570 efficiently collects the leaves and grasses as it is equipped with the rear material collecting system with 7 bu. You can easily install the fan and drain pipe into it that can be opened conveniently for hassle-free cleaning.

The hopper of this tractor has a modern design and comes in excellent packaging. Like most of the other components of the mower, the hopper is also very easy to clean. Undoubtedly, the John Deere X570 is one of the best lawn mowers for cutting grass. 

Furthermore, the x570 mower comes with a hydraulic lifting arm that makes it feasible to raise it or to lower the other accessories including the cutter. Its nozzle is located inside the lifting mechanism and this hydraulic lift lever will provide precise control at your fingertips.

The plus point of this mower is that its flywheel alternator has the capability of charging quickly. Hence, it quickly provides power to the other electrical devices including sprayers and headlights. However, you need to adjust the battery to make sure that it is properly charged.

X570 Gearbox

This mower has a vertical PTO shaft, spherical combustion chamber, and overhead V -valves with a 90-degree V-Twin design. Its mower wheels are made up of high-quality material hence, provides greater strength and durability to the mower. Besides, it’s quite easy to set the wheels at the appropriate height that makes the cutting process faster and easy.

The significant feature of this mower is the quality cut that helps to keep your lawn clean and healthy. With John Deere’s latest MulchControl kit and one-touch technology, you can comfortably clean your lawn with a single push of a button.

Its deep mower deck provides excellent cut quality and it makes sure that suspended material moves out from the deck hence, reduce the chances of recutting. Therefore, it will enable the mower to use its power for the incoming grass cut that greatly enhances its capacity. For a smooth and leveled cut, its mower deck is suspended from the vehicle.

Also, it helps to reduce the scalping as its adjustable wheels are located just above the ground level. Its additional depth helps in optimal recutting, continuous circulation, and even distribution of clippings. That’s why it successfully maintains its amazing cut quality even at high mowing speed and in mulching mode.

Its depth decreases the amount of the material that escapes from the front side of hence, a limited amount of material is lifted on the operator. Hence, its efficient mulching will completely prevent the discharge of material so, provides the solution for various mowing conditions.

Fuel Tank Capacity

Its fuel tank features high-quality components for giving an excellent performance and has a large 4.4 US gal. capacity. Besides, it is located on the left-wing that make it quite easy to add fuel and clean spills.

Gasoline fuel is used for the John Deere X570 and it is delivered through the pulse pump and carburetor. Its fuel fill opening is on the left fender having a size of 7.6cm and the fuel tank capacity is 16.7L. Moreover, its fuel tank is positioned on the rear while the fuel gauge is located on the dash.

For providing you the real information about the fuel level, this mower contains a special electronic fuel gauge. You can easily read this automotive-style fuel gauge from the operator’s seat and it diminishes the unnecessary stops to refill. Also, its hour meter provides you an indication of whenever it’s the time to change oil or to perform other maintenance operations.

Because of its flat-top design, it accumulates less material therefore, cleaning the top and bottom of the mower deck becomes quite easy. Furthermore, it contains a wash port along with the hose connector hence, its maintenance becomes convenient.

Needless to say, this deep mower deck stamping provides maximum productivity hence, considered the best lawnmower in 2021. Its fast exit of suspended material not only makes room for incoming grass but also makes sure it performs optimally at high speed.


Adding to this, this elegant panel comes with stylish and ergonomic controls for making it easy to use. For easy operator identification, its controls are color-coded and organized logically for convenient access. Its reverse key is in yellow and it has less friction for more comfortable mowing.

For easy lifting and engagement, it features a special PTO switch that will allow you to place the fingers underneath like a T-lever. Moreover, it has low effort swing levers with hydraulic lift control on electric lift models and rachet control on pedal models.

It is powered with a replaceable starter magnet that makes it easy to start even at low temperatures. Another wonderful feature of this mower is that it contains a separate choke and engine speed control for heating in cold climates.

The issue with most cheaply designed tractors is that they are prone to accidental removal of the tractor because of a partially closed choke. However, this is not the case with the X570 mower because it features a spring-loaded chock lever for preventing such issues.

Other than that, it has standard speed governors for activating and holding the cruise control button until the operator takes the foot off from the pedal. For emergencies, its cruise control can be disabled by pressing the front lever or brake pedal.


Talking about its display, it looks similar to the display of a modern car and its screen is dark for avoiding operator distraction. At the same time, it has a backlight screen for night visibility that makes it highly useful while operating a snowblower.

Additionally, it contains warning and brake lights to make you attentive while important information is being displayed on the instrument panel. It also provides alerts whenever someone is trying to operate a blade with a wrong exit or parking brake.

Its integrated diagnostics provide error codes that a technician can understand even without using the tools. In this way, it helps to reduce the repairing cost and prevent the damage by quickly resolving the problems.

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t have enough time to clean their lawn during the day then here is good news for you. This tractor is equipped with excellent quality headlights that make it quite easy and safe to work at night.

To add more perspective to it, the headlights are located on the ignition keys so that you can operate these without any hindrance. It contains two 27W lamps that provide excellent illumination for cutting and clearing snow.

Easy to Use

For easy operation, its deck level indicator is placed in the right position under the rear. There are precision-adjusted doors in this mower which allow to accurately align the cutter for optimal cutting performance.

Other than that, it contains a lift lock that works the same as a parking brake. During cutting trenches, its torch will not be locked accidentally in the raised position. You can easily raise the lift block and can place it back for making sure that its lever is in the right rear position.

Fortunately, this tractor contains an additional lifting spring that helps in minimizing the lifting force. You can easily adjust the elevation by turning the screw that is placed on the front side of the bumper for better performance.

Speaking about its front axle, it is crafted by using durable and shockproof nodular cast iron. However, experts advise it not to bend its front axle under excessive shocks or heavy load. Also, its optional front bumper has the capacity of holding more than four 19kg quick Tatch weights which makes it the best lawn mower for the price.

For easy access, its parking brakes are placed in the right position and you just have to hold it firmly in the locked position. While you press the brake pedal, it will apply force to the internal wet brake hence, make sure a safe stop.

x570 Cylinder

It has a cast-iron cylinder and its mower deck is a stamped steel that features a flat-top design for delivering amazing cut quality, versatility, and productivity. Additionally, its stamped steel design is very efficient in cleaning the sharp edges and corners where extra materials can accumulate.

This tractor is made by using high-strength cast steel that is welded and reinforced at the critical points for high resistance. To complete the frame assembly, the X570 contains a rear clutch disc that is crafted by using 6.4 mm steel.

Its flat-top shape deck makes sure to keep clean both including itself and the operator. It greatly reduces the time and effort needed for the cleaning as the top surface of the deck remains clean. Besides, its underside is self-cleaning which makes sure to give you an excellent performance by avoiding the build-up of material.

Besides, it comes with a large discharge opening that is extra wide and high for efficiently handling the material. This reduces the chance of plugging which is very significant while you are working with the thick, dense, or wet grass.

It is very easy to switch between the different modes of the mower as it offers greater versatility. After installing the MulchControl system, you can switch between the mulching mode to side discharge merely by a simple flip of the lever. It contains twin touch pedals for motion control and an adjustable spring pedal for lifting.

Additional Characteristicsof the x570

The key advantage of this lawnmower is that it can be used for clearing the snow and for doing other work in the yard. For quickly and efficiently clearing the snow, you can install John Deere front blades or a snow scanner with it.

Not to mention that smooth-riding is crucial for comfortable mowing. Therefore, it is equipped with a gear control system, high-performance zone, and excellent quality bearing for straightforward control.

Its high precision turning will improve the metal removal rates and it has a high gear ratio so you can drive with less effort. It comes with dual joysticks that not only help in balancing the steering load but also useful for reducing steering errors.

Other than that, it is powered with a 12V battery and charged through the flywheel alternator charging system. Its engine is started through solenoid shift and it contains two standard 27W headlights. However, it doesn’t contain any reflectors, backup lights, or rear work lights.

For increased traction, the X570 mower comes with the traction assist for supplying positive power to both drive wheels. Its traction assistant is operated with foot and easy to use for the operator.

x570 Price & Warranty

The X570 has two variants, one having 48” deck size & the second one has 54” deck size so, both of these has different price. The price of the mower with a 48” deck size is $5,999 and the price of another mower with a 54” deck size is $6,299.

Even after years of use, this mower deck remains the same as it is equipped with strong spindle pockets. These make sure that the blades of the deck remain aligned, therefore, provides you great value in return for your money.

For exceptional durability, its low-tension belt-driven design decreases the load on the mower deck and engine lower bearings. To provide extra protection and strength, its mower deck comes with a 16-mm diameter solid steel rod side bumper.

There are many mowers available in the market that are good in terms of performance but have less durability because of rusting. On the other hand, this mower is equipped with powder-paint coatings and a dual-stage E-coat that makes it rust-free.

This mower comes with the 4year/500-hour bumper to bumper warranty hence, if you face any issue during this time then you can contact the manufacturer.


  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Effective, clean, and fast cut
  • Flawless performance on slopes and hills
  • Dual joysticks for reducing the steering errors
  • Compact size with 48” or 54” cutting platform


  • Not efficient in cutting tall grasses


With that being said, now it’s time to give the final remarks about the John Deere X570 lawn mower tractor. It is a powerful machine that comes with 24hp iTorque hence, works flawlessly even in the thickest lawns.

Moreover, its steel deck is very efficient in cutting the various types & sizes of grasses. Because of its durable design, you can use it for a long time and it can effectively handle different terrain & slopes. So, add it to your cart right now.

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